Çarşamba, Ağustos 26, 2009

some pics from my Istanbul trip

the View from Feriye Lokantasi
I like the traditional tulip figure on the dessert plate.Very chic!

Salı, Ağustos 18, 2009

On my way to Istanbul...

I am leaving tomorrow for Istanbul and will be there for only two short nights. Not much time to see Istanbul:(( The reason I will pack and hit the road is that I will attend a formal dinner on Thursday night at Feriye Restaurant. I have never been there, will be my first time! I am curious to see the restaurant, taste the food there (apparently, they serve authentic/traditional Turkish food and classical Ottoman cuisine) and enjoy the gorgeous view of the Bosphorus more than getting socialized with the dinner attendees. The crowd will be composed of Turkish and Canadian business people, doctors, academicians etc. I will also spend time with my sister who is in Istanbul getting ready for her concert at the Ephesus Antique theater this Monday. She will be joined by Canadian jazz singer, Nikki Yanofsky. I will post the pics on my blog:) Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen!!

I have been away from my blog for a while! I have been doing some sort of soul-searching...still do actually. One very important thing I learned: BE PATIENT. To know yourself better, turn the flashlight onto the most scared part of yourself that you have been running away for years. And Life is short and only become meaningful if you do whatever you want to do, especially as a profession, and whatever you want to be in this life in parallel to your internally-cultivated talents and motives. Then you would truly feel that you are Alive, you are living your own life and blooming your own flowers, not someone else's! I know I will get there:))

I finally unpacked my bags and boxes that arrived in Izmir after a long and grueling Transatlantic journey a year ago when I was moving out of the United States. Boy, that was a weird but also a fun feeling! I realized that I have forgotten what I packed, so, as I unpack every wrapped item, I felt so curious and excited to see what was in it. It was also weird to see all my funny little things that I had used for years in my apartment in DC this time in my new apartment in Izmir. It felt as if I were back in the States again until I looked out the window and see the bay of Izmir rather than the lovely Potamac river and beautiful National Cathedral! I have to confess that I had so much fun unpacking. My sister and I did so much shopping before we left. I have now some new dresses, shoes, kitchen utensils (did I say that I like cooking?), cookbooks, slippers, some toys, bathroom stuff (lots of soaps, I am obsessed with anything smells good:), body lotions, shower gels etc), and lots of food...yes, it is unbelievable but I have now loads of food in my fridge. I have been obsessed, as many Americans do, for a while with organic food and healthy living while living in the States, doing very intense type of Yoga, running etc. All the food that I had in my DC fridge plus the additional stuff that I bought thinking that I might not have found them in Turkey such as protein drinks, bars, organic/vegan fruits, tablets, agave syrups, chocolates, vitamins whatever you might think of, I packed all of them and carried them through the Atlantic. I am crazy I know!:) I have now such a rich source of organic products at home, more than enough to open up a healthy food store in Izmir:)))) The problem is that I myself have changed since I came to Turkey. I am not obsessed anymore with anything and everything organic. The reason I guess is that food in Turkey is still very natural, unmodified and taste much better than the plastic US food. Besides, who could resist her mom's traditional most yummy dishes? Not me!!

I have not posted any picture for a while. I found in one of the boxes my camera charger so I can start taking pictures again:) Here are some old ones from the last summer: